Frequently Asked Questions


Individual account holders must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

  1. Write a letter addressed to A & A Securities, Inc., signifying intention to transfer the traditional trading account into an online trading account.
  2. Submit an updated CAIF, duly filled up, including email address.
  3. Submit a duly signed Online Trading Agreement

Personal submission to A & A office of duly filled out account opening forms listed below, in compliance with mandate of the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001.

  • CAIF – 1 per signatory
  • Online Trading Agreement
  • Photocopy of 1 valid primary ID with photo & signature or 2 valid secondary ID’s of each signatory
  • CAIF – 1 per signatory
  • Online Trading Agreement
  • SEC Certificate of Registration – certified by Partner
  • Articles of Partnership/Association – certified by Partner
  • BIR Certificate of Registration – certified by Partner
  • Latest Audited Financial Statements – certified by Partner
  • Photocopy of 1 valid primary ID of each partner
  • CAIF
  • Online Trading Agreement
  • SEC Certificate of Registration – Certified True Copy
  • Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws – Certified True Copy
  • Notarized Board Resolution authorizing the corporation to open an online trading account with A&A Securities, Inc. and stating the authorized signatories to trade
  • Latest Audited Financial Statements – Certified True Copy
  • Photocopy of 1 valid primary ID of each authorized signatory
  • Latest General Information Sheet (applicable for foreign corporations registered to conduct business in the Philippines)
  • CAIF
  • Online Trading Agreement
  • Photocopy of 1 valid government primary ID or 2 valid secondary ID’s
  • Photocopy of valid Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)
  • In lieu of the ACR, client may submit any document duly authenticated by his country’s respective embassy or consular

Orientation by A & A on the use of its online platform.


Client completes the registration of his/her Account via the Log-in page using the username and password emailed by A & A.


Client funds his account in 3 options:

  1. Direct deposit to A & A’s bank account as follows:
    Account Name: A & A SECURITIES, INC.
    Bank/Branch: Banco De Oro, Ayala Triangle Branch
    Savings Account Number: 003-600-000-165
  2. Deliver check payment to A & A’s office;
  3. Clients based outside the Philippines may wire their funds to A & A with the following remittance instructions:
    Account Name: A & A SECURITIES, INC.
    Account Number: 0061-011050-201
    Name of Bank: Security Bank
    Branch of Account: Head Office, G/F SBTC Centre, 6776 Ayala Ave., Makati City
    Branch Telephone: (632) 888-7284

Upon depositing to A & A’s bank account, clients must send A & A a copy of the validated deposit slip via email to [email protected] or fax at (632)815-1015.


A & A have no minimum investment to open an account. Before any purchase may be made, the account must have enough cleared funds to cover the total value of the intended purchase order of stocks, inclusive of all charges.

  1. Broker’s commission equivalent to 1/4 of 1% (0.25%) of gross trade amount (shares * unit price) or PHP 100 per transaction starting April 01, 2021, whichever is higher;
  2. 12% Value Added Tax (VAT on broker’s commission);
  3. SCCP fees equivalent to .01% of VAT-inclusive gross traded amount
  4. Sales Tax: No. of shares x Price/share x .006 (applicable only for SELLING transactions)

A Log-in Account will automatically be deactivated in the absence of account activity over a period of three (3) consecutive months. All inactive accounts shall be ineligible to trade and will not be subject to the monthly PSE Tradex fees.

Yes, a request for reactivation may be done by calling A & A’s office from 9am – 6pm during trading days and emailing us the same request at [email protected]. Reactivation may be implemented immediately, with no charges.

There is no monthly fee for Desktop users. However, a monthly fee of P60.00 will be charged per account for those who opt to use the mobile platform.


Present the following to A & A’s office for clearing with the proper stock transfer office:

  1. Original stock certificates duly signed at the back
  2. Photocopy of 2 valid government issued IDs
  3. Specimen Signature Card
  4. Fees involved:
    • Transfer Processing Fee: P100 per issue + 12% VAT per stock certificate (VAT only charged if transfer office is a non-bank)
    • Cancellation Fee:
      If total certificate amount per certificate = P200: no cancellation fee
      If total certificate amount per certificate > P200: P20.00 + VAT (VAT only charged if transfer office is a non-bank)
    • Service Fee: P100 per issue
    • Some stock transfer offices may require your personal appearance.
    • Your stocks will be credited to your online trading account after your stock certificates have been cleared by the Transfer Agents.

No, all check payments to clients are issued to the name as registered in the trading account.

Download Funds Withdrawal Request, and submit duly filled form to A & A indicating one of the following settlement instructions:

  1. Direct deposit to your bank account bearing same name as your registered trading account by furnishing complete bank details.
  2. Personal pick up from the office of A & A. If check is to be picked up by a representative, the AUTHORIZATION portion of the Funds Withdrawal Request must be completed

Submit a duly signed EQ Trade Transfer Request to the other broker and forward a copy of this to A & A. If your stockholdings are lodged with the PDTC, the transfer between brokers will be done electronically via EQTrade which will be effected within 1-2 working days. An amount of P75 per security shall be collected by the other broker and A & A as transfer fee.

Fill up and sign the Stock Upliftment Request and submit to our office, together with a photocopy of your 2 valid government issued IDs, a signed Specimen Signature Card per issue, and the processing fee of P250 per stock certificate (if transfer office is a bank), or P262 per stock certificate (if transfer office is non-bank). It may take 2-3 months to process for the release of the certificate. Some transfer offices may also require a personal appearance. If personal appearance is not possible, a bank certification and Valid ID of the signatory shall be required. If the stock certificate is to be picked up by a representative, this must be clearly specified in the Stock Upliftment Request.


Internet Explorer Ver. 11 offers the best possible experience.

You can start trading once your deposits have been cleared and credited to your online trading account and your log-in details have been emailed to you for your online registration.

A Board Lot is the minimum number of shares that can be bought or sold at any given time. Below is the PSE’s Board Lot Table Guide indicating the price ranges and fluctuations of board lots:

Stock Price Minimum Fluctuations (Tick Size) Board Lot (Lot Size)
From To
A 0.0001 0.0099 0.0001 1,000,000
B 0.0100 0.0490 0.0010 100,000
C 0.0500 0.2490 0.0010 10,000
D 0.2500 0.4950 0.0050 10,000
E 0.50 4.99 0.010 1,000
F 5.00 9.99 0.010 100
G 10.00 19.98 0.02 100
H 20.00 49.95 0.05 100
I 50.00 99.95 0.05 10
J 100.00 199.90 0.10 10
K 200.00 499.80 0.20 10
L 500.00 999.50 0.50 10
M 1,000 1,999 1.00 5
N 2,000 4,998 2.00 5
O 5,000 UP 5.00 5

The system accepts orders entered anytime during the day, even during off-market hours. However, these orders (when validated) are only sent to and matched at the Exchange once market resumes.

The Order Book displays the status of all your orders sent through the Function Menu Bar. You may also select a particular order to view its details.

You may call our office at (632) 891-1008 to 10 and opt for Broker-Assisted Posting of your orders. However, once orders are coursed through our office, it will be implemented via client’s traditional account(separate from his online account) and commission rate will be automatically set at 0.5% or ½ of 1% (instead of o.25% or ¼ of 1%). Please take note that this is for emergency posting only.

Trading Hours

9:00-9:15 AM PRE-OPEN Orders accepted but no matching occurs yet.
9:16-9:29 AM PRE-OPEN No order cancellations may be done during this period.
9:30-11:59 AM MARKET OPEN Regular stock trading hours when orders are conitinuously accepted, processed, and matched by the PSE .
1:30-3:16 PM RESUMPTION Continuous trading with order matching resumed.
3:17-3:19 PM PRE CLOSE Stock closing prices are set and orders cannot be modified nor cancelled anymore.
3:20-3:29 PM RUN-0FF/TRADING AT LAST Remaining orders are matched at the fixed closing prices set during market pre-close.

Only limit orders or orders with specified volume and price are accepted by the system to the extent of available credit balance in client’s account. Foreign orders are subject to the foreign ownership limit. Odd lots are not accepted even if placed with board lots.

An Odd Lot is an order amount that is less then the Board Lot. An Odd Lot order may only be posted and matched during the Continuous Trading Period. Partial matching of odd lot orders is allowed. The price of an Odd Lot order is lower than the market price.

Use the Order Pad seen at the bottom right side of PSE Tradexplore’s home screen. Fill in the following fields: Action, Account No., Validity Type, Order Type, Units, Price, and Trading PIN.

To post a BUY order, highlight your preferred stock on the Quote Screen. Click the BUY button on the Function Menu Bar and the Order Pad turns green. Fill in the required fields and click BUY.

To post a SELL order, highlight your preferred stock on the Quote Screen. Click the SELL button on the Function Menu Bar and the Order Pad turns red. Fill in the required fields and click SELL.

Yes, if your order has not been matched yet, you may cancel or revise it. For partially matched orders, only the unmatched portion may be revised or cancelled. However, you cannot cancel or revise orders from 9:15am -9:30am and from 3:15pm-3:19pm.

Unmatched orders may be cancelled with the following procedure:

  • Click the Order Book menu in the Function Menu Bar
  • Select the Order Status to show the Order Book
  • Select the order to modify. Right-click on it and select Cancel/Revise
  • Modify order in the Order Pad
  • Click the Cancel/Revise button on the Order Pad

Click on the title feature. This displays a summary of your listed stock positions at the current market value.